Piezo Fine Perfume Scenting System uses the most advanced nebulization technology to create micro vapour that suspends in the atmosphere after emission so that you can enjoy consistent fresh scent for longer period of time unlike aerosol or fan type air freshener, you only able to receives the fragrance every 10-15 minutes interval as preset by the dispensers.

Memories are invoked by scent and fragrance are more seductive than those of sight or sound. Piezo diffuses 100% uniform vapor and does not leave wet deposits on floors, walls or glasses. Piezo Fine Perfumes Selection are safe and conformed to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) Standard, an international institution that ensures the safety of perfumery in the fragrances industry. Piezo Perfumology also improves air quality control in IAQ – Indoor Air Quality setting.

Piezo enhance customer association to your brand and distinguish your brand from the competition through the power of scent marketing. Piezo fine fragrances marketing can help your clients to create brand recognition that are associated to your company.

Advantages :

  • Smaller unit able to install at area that has less ventilation for faster scent dispersion
  • Mounted on the wall provide more flexibility to hidden space or area
  • Battery operated, no more ugly wires
  • Keep out of children reach
  • Smaller unit more mobility
  • For Bigger Places Tower Units and HVAC Units are available
  • Halal Compliance Perfume
  • Comes with GH SDS
  • IFRA Switzerland compliance safe for human

Unit Packing : Per Unit Battery Operated Diffuser starts from RM 80.00 per month


Piezo Perfume

Piezo Perfumology Explaination

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