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  • Diamond Pads

    RM 80.00

    used to hone marble surfaces.Lifespan for each pad = approx 2000-3000 square foot for marble surfaces. Grid # 400, 500, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000.

  • EC Bedrock

    RM 495.00

    EC Bedrock is an anti slip solution once applied on the ceramic tiles, it will improve dexterity. Great for elderly and childcare.

    • Last 12 months
    • Easy to clean
    • Economical dilution rate 1: 30 parts of water
    • Easy to apply with paint roller
  • EC Breakdown

    RM 200.00


  • EC Carpet Protectant

    RM 495.00


    After carpet shampooing, we suggest that applying EC Carpet Protectant on to the carpet surface to prevent stain from penetrating on to the carpet fiber

    • Works on both natural and synthetic fibers like wool to nylon
    • Durable protection last until the next carpet shampoo
    • Great for banquet , restaurant and convention hall
    Packing : US 1 Gallon
  • EC Clean

    RM 60.00

    EC Clean is a neutral pH stone soap with optical brightener to gently clean sensitive marble floors & shine the natural stone

    • Neutral pH , no solvent, no yellowing
    • Mildly scented perfume
    • Contained optical brightener to re-gloss marble floor
    • Effectively clean general stains
    Packing : US 1 Gallon


  • EC Crystal Shake

    RM 42.20

    Quick re-polishing compound to bring back gloss on marble and can be used as a spray buff solution.

  • EC Granite Polishing Powder 5 kg

    RM 1,650.00


    EC granite polishing powderGranite Polishing Powder comes in 3 different colors that is neutral, st and B100 to polish; restore the rich color of the granite tiles

    • Brings back to beauty of granite color
    • Natural polishing process, no coating and more durable sheen
    • Quick polishing process of 2 minute per sq ft improve employee productivity

    Granite Polishing Powder quantity


  • EC Granite Shake

    RM 60.50

    EC Granite Shake is an spray buff solution for granite

    • Daily buffing to prolonged shine
    • Easily work with machine speed from 175 – 1000 rpm
    • Enrich the color of granite stone
    Packing : 500 ml
  • EC Instant

    RM 150.00



  • EC Leather & Suede Cleaner

    RM 150.00


    Nourishes & Conditions, Gentle Cleaning, pH Neutral

    • Specially formulated with natural lanolin wax to gently clean and nourish, keeping your leather soft and supple
    • Always test on an inconspicuous area first. Color fast on artificial PU surface
    • Non-Ionic Surfactants, Amphoteric Surfactant: Less than 5%
    • Also contains: Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine, Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone,
    • Mild Perfume
    Packing : 1 liter
  • EC Marble Paste

    RM 385.00


  • EC Para 3

    RM 75.00

    Marble buffing solution for wet floor finishin

  • EC Tile & Grout

    RM 1,100.00

    EC Tile & Grout Powder is a superfine abrasive powder for cleaning tiles and grouts. It can remove stubborn stains and soil deposits effectively. For use on honed and matt finish surfaces only. To use, 1) Sprinkle 1oz of EC Tile & Grout Powder per sqm. 2) Add 4oz of water. 3) Scrub with a black/green pad using…

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  • Green Drain

    RM 170.00

    $35.89 – $40.67

  • Marble Lite

    RM 385.00


  • Marble Polishing Powder

    RM 1,000.00


    Marble Polishing Powder is a crystallization compound to polish calcium based stone for example limestone, travetine, onyx and marble. Best use with low speed scrubber 175 rpm and 3M Red Pad.