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  • Washable Launder Mats for trapping dust & soil

    RM 35.00RM 775.00

    Personalized, custom manufactured launder mats from Kleentex Japan provide an attractive first impression that lasts.  Any walkway through which people enter a doorway can be enhanced and brightened by Kleentex launder mat. It is ideal for business settings and residences alike – pet shop, clinics, hospitals, clubs, golf courses, restaurants, lounges, and office buildings.

    Launder Mats advantages :

    • Customization with minimum cost
    • Super comfortable
    • Made from nylon ensure color stability
    • Washable with laundry machine
    • Durable
    • Available in many sizes


  • Zensan Ozonizer

    RM 1,850.00

    Brand Name: Zensan Ozonizer Volume: 50m³/h Origin: DM(Origin) Power (W): 100W Voltage (V): 220V Certification: SAWS Capacity (CFM): 60g/h generator Air Purifier Application area: 31-40㎡ Installation: Portable Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 99.00% type Ozone Generator Power Source: A.C. Source Benzene with removal Rate: 98% Other Noise generated: ≤30dB Density: 1000000pcs/m³ Function: Sterilize Wind Speed Standard Oxygen…

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