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The 3M Scotch Brite 17" Sienna Diamond Floor Pad Plus is a premium quality floor maintenance pad, made of high quality synthetic fiber, with abrasive particles, including high quality synthetic diamonds, bonded with a durable resin to the non-woven pad. 3M Sienna Pad is effective to hone marble and other calcium based stone to remove scratches and prepare floor for polishing.

Special Feature: The non-printed dark,bottom side of pad is the work surface.

Note: Siliceous Stones such as Granite and Slate will not respond to the Scotch-Briteā„¢ Diamond Floor Pad Plus system and therefore, are not recommended as a suitable floor surface.

Catalog : 3M Purple and Sienna

Packing : 5 piece per carton

3M 17 inch Diamond Pads


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