Marble Cream – Bianco and Nero

RM 198.00

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Enhance the natural beauty of your marble surfaces: Our marble cream is specially formulated to gently polish and restore the lustrous shine of your marble table tops and walls, bringing out their true color and veining patterns.

Long-lasting protection against stains and scratches: With our marble cream, you not only achieve a flawless polished finish but also create a protective barrier that helps prevent future staining and surface damage caused by daily use or accidental spills.

Easy application for hassle-free maintenance: Our Marble Cream comes in a convenient bottle with 2 color choices which is Bianco ( White ) and Nero ( Black )

Method of Statement

  1. Clean the marble surface and ensure surface is clean and dry
  2. Apply 1 coat Marble Cream onto your marble surfaces
  3. Buff with steel wool pad or buffing machine of 700 rpm for bigger area
  4. You will see the shine emerged and the surfaced protected

Versatile solution for multiple surfaces: Whether you have a luxurious marble dining table, elegant bathroom countertops, or captivating marble walls, our cream is designed to work effectively on all types of interior marble surfaces, ensuring consistent results throughout your home or office.

Professional-grade formula trusted by experts: Crafted with care by industry professionals, our marble cream utilizes advanced polishing agents that are commonly used by restoration specialists. Enjoy professional-quality results without the hefty price tag – bring back the original brilliance of your marbles with confidence using our trusted product.

Packing : 500 grams

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