Revontulet Beauty Glue

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Easy to Apply and Clean: Revontulet Beauty Glue offers a quick and hassle-free solution for replacing unsightly grout. Remove existing silicone or cement grout and simply apply the polyester resin grout material and enjoy a clean, fresh-looking surface that is stain-free and fungus growth. Cleaning becomes effortless, ensuring your space stays hygienic and beautiful.

Long-Lasting Durability: With its elongation memory foam, Revontulet Beauty Glue provides exceptional durability that ensures it can withstand daily wear and tear. Say goodbye to cracked or discolored grout lines – this innovative product maintains its integrity over time, keeping your surfaces looking brand new.

Versatile Application: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Revontulet Beauty Glue is the perfect solution for various surfaces including tiles, countertops, showers, long bathtub and more. Its adaptability allows you to seamlessly replace old grout in any area of your home or office, providing a consistent and attractive finish.

Stain-Resistant Formula: Thanks to its advanced formula, Revontulet Beauty Glue prevents stains from setting in. Whether dealing with spilled liquids or stubborn dirt, this product ensures easy cleanup without leaving any residue behind. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your surfaces will stay spotless even after accidental spills.

Effortless Maintenance: Unlike traditional grout materials that are prone to fungus growth, Revontulet Beauty Glue actively prevents such issues from occurring in the first place. By eliminating the need for constant maintenance or costly repairs due to mold or mildew build-up, this product saves you time, money, and the headache of dealing with unwanted fungal growth.

Method of Statement :

  1. Scrap existing grout and ensure surface clean and dry
  2. Use a masking tape and tape the sides of the grout line
  3. Apply Revontulet Beauty Glue on the grout line
  4. Scrap Revontulet Beauty Glue and ensure surface is even
  5. Allow 12 hours curing time for beautiful and stain free grout
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