Stone Filling Hardener

RM 650.00

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Superior Stone Repair: Our stone filling hardener is specifically formulated to penetrate deep into stone chips and imperfections, providing a long-lasting solution that effectively fills and repairs damaged areas.

Time-saving Solution: With our stone filling hardener, you can easily fix stone chips and imperfections in minutes, eliminating the need for costly professional repairs or time-consuming DIY methods. Stone Filling Hardener best to use with Dry Cutting Diamond System ( watch video below )

Enhances Stone Aesthetics: By effectively filling and repairing stone chips and imperfections, our hardener restores the natural beauty of your stones, enhancing their overall aesthetics and increasing the value of your property.

Durable Protection: Our advanced formula not only fills and repairs stone chips and imperfections but also provides a durable protective barrier against further damage caused by weathering, UV exposure, and everyday wear and tear.


Packing  :  5 Liters

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