Virus Keeper – Turn your air conditioner to air purifier and keep your loved one safe

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The IAQ Virus Keeper filter is made in South Korea using Nano-Silver technology, which has been proven through independent testing in the USA, Japan & Korea to stop fine dust particulate matter (PM 2.5) & removal of toxic carcinogenic gases, smoke, bacteria, virus & mold spores.

With the IAQ Virus Keeper filter, there is no need to buy expensive air purifiers. Because you can simply turn all your existing air conditioners into air purifiers. All you have to do is simply cover the existing air conditioner filter with the IAQ Virus Keeper filter. It couldn’t be easier.

You can also place the IAQ Virus Keeper filter on the rear of your pedestal or desk top fan wit the same effect. Remember, air purifiers are just a fan and a filter, so why go the expense of buy one when you can simply apply the IAQ Virus Keeper filter to your fan or air conditioner.

IAQ Virus Keeper filters also come in commercial sizes and can be applied to commercial HVAC systems. By placing IAQ Virus Keeper filter over existing AHU filters, the IAQ Virus Keeper filter increases the life of expensive AHU filters. The IAQ Virus Keeper filter can also be use with HEPA filters too and are ideal for clean rooms to enhance the air quality even more.

What is I.A.Q Safe Zone?

It is a zone protected by AirVision’s atmospheric safety equipped with “Virus Keeper Filter” which removes fine dust, toxic carcinogenic gas, ozone(O3), 99.9% of harmful germs, and contagious viruses.



Air conditioner Anti-bacteria & deodorization filter

If you just attach it to the air conditioner, a fresh wind blow

Applicable to all air conditioners

Dust removal effect faster than Air Purifier

Transformed into 4 season air purifiers by simple attachment

How to use:

It is available in all kinds of ceiling wall and stand-type air conditioners and air purifier

How to attach, just attach it like a sticker, you can attach it as a sticker using Velcro tape or dual-side tape

  1. Open the grill of the air conditioner and remove the mesh filter.
  2. After attaching the Velcro tape along the frame of filter and then attach the virus keeper filter on it.
  3. It installed in the air conditioner and operates by blowing air.

I.A.Q SAFE ZONE application space

House, Apartment, School, Nursery School, Academy, Library, Restaurant, Café , Karaoke, PC Room, Hair Shop, Sauna, Office, Gym, Screen Golf Shop, Athletic Facility, Theater, Performing Place, Underground Market, Nursing Home, Hospital, Postpartum Care Center, Veterinary Clinic, Funeral Hall, Nail Art Shop, Art Gallery, Semi- Conductor Clean Room, Department Store, Pharmaceutical Company GMP facility, Operation Room in Hospital, Food Company and HACCP facility.


Packing : 2 pieces applicable for 2 air filter for wall mounted unit

Viruskeeper Installa_211118_192658

Viruskeeper for fan

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6 reviews for Virus Keeper – Turn your air conditioner to air purifier and keep your loved one safe

  1. Reyand

    It’s a very good product. Easy to use and long lasting.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much for using our product.

  2. Zual

    Very good quality product. Definitely i will buy again.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much.

  3. Trisha

    Easy to use. Good quality. will purchase again.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience of our product.

  4. Flora

    It’s removed dust faster than Air Purifier. I really like this product because very easy to use.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much.

  5. Kiara

    Best product. Long lasting and very easy to use. I am already using this virus keeper to my home Ac. It’s really effective.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much for using our product.

  6. Nicole

    Good product for any air conditioner. It’s very easy to use. I like this product. Already bought few for my home air conditioner. Highly recommended.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much.

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