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  • 3M Clean & Shine Floor Pads

    RM 375.00


  • 3M Floor pad 16 inch

    RM 83.00

    3M 16 inch scrubbing and polishing pad – black, red & white.

    Packing: 5 pc/ case

  • 3M Floor pad 18 inch

    RM 105.00

    3M 18 inch scrubbing and polishing pad – red & white.

    Packing: 5 pc/ case

  • 3M Floor Pad 20 inch

    RM 135.00

    3M 20 inch scrubbing and polishing pad – red & white.

    Packing: 5 pc / case

  • 3M Glass Cleaner & Protector

    RM 83.00

    3M™ Glass Cleaner and Protector with Scotchgard™ Protection leaves an invisible layer of protection on glass for easier cleaning after routine use. It reduces fogging on windows and mirrors with repeated use, leaving an attractive shine. Cleans (but may not protect) other surfaces. 3M™ Glass Cleaner and Protector with Scotchgard™ Protection leaves an invisible layer…

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  • 3M High Performance Microfiber Cloth

    RM 88.00

    Scotch-Brite High Performance Cloth is made with microfibers. The product is designed to absorb separately or together dust, dirt, fingerprints, grease and moisture. Can be used dry or damp, with or without chemicals.

    Available in 4 colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green

    Packing : 10 pcs per pack ( Please state colors during order)


  • 3M Oil Monitoring Strips

    RM 296.00

    When a more precise reading of early degradation of oil is desired, try the 3M™ Low Range Oil Quality Test Strips. This strip measures free fatty acid concentrations at 1%, 1.5%, 2% and 2.5%. Ideal for food processing applications or to help meet regulatory requirements. Regular checking of cooking oil reduces cost as no unnecessary…

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  • 3M Pad 9030

    RM 72.00

    Product Description 3M’s 9030 Scotch-Brite 3.5″ x 5″ Light Duty Scrubbing Pad is perfect for cleaning the most delicate of surfaces. This thick, hand-sized pad can be used to gently scrub materials like glass, china, porcelain and more without leaving a scratch. Specifications Convenient hand-sized Gentle on delicate surfaces Will not leave scratches Manufacturer : 3M Corporation…

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  • 3M Pad 96 with cellulose

    RM 68.00

    Product Description 3M’s 96 Scotch-Brite 6″ x 9″ Heavy Duty Scouring Pad with cellulose is made for getting rid of baked-on foods and replaces scrapers, steel wool and metal sponges. This pad has a durable synthetic fiber open web design and includes abrasive particles dispersed throughout, ensuring that every inch of the pad will do…

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  • 3M Pad 9650

    RM 72.00

    Product Description 3M 9650 General Scrubbing Pad is a tool no kitchen sink should be without. This pad has the abrasiveness needed for removing overnight stains on foods from pots and yet safe on the surface. Specifications 3 inch x 4.5 inch which equates bigger cleaning dimension and faster cleaning Gentle abrasive and effective in…

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  • 3M Purple Diamond Pad

    RM 484.00

    Diamond-coated floor pads for cleaning and polishing marble, terrazzo, slate and polished concrete flooring. Helps eliminate floor finish and helps reduce labor as 3M Purple Diamond Pad has an 17 inch surface contact comparing with regular diamond pads. Simple to use and quick honing ideal for hotels that has little time to train employees. Ideal…

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  • 3M Purple Diamond Pad – 1 piece

    RM 116.80

    Honing 3m 16 inch diamond pad to hone and polish marble.

  • 3M safety walk tape

    RM 750.00


  • 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protectant with Scotchgard Technology

    RM 77.50

    3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protector with Scotchgard™ leaves an invisible layer of protection on stainless steel surfaces making them easier to clean. This water based, oil free formula allows for quick drying streak free spot cleaning which helps reduce labor and lower product consumption. Attracts less dirt and dust than leading polishes. Non corrosive…

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  • 3M Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner

    RM 76.00

    Aerosol type stainless steel polish and cleaner for the perfect squeaky clean stainless steel surface.

  • All Clean

    RM 25.00

    All clean is a user friendly multi purpose detergent with pH 8 for general cleaning uses

    • Friendly to skin as low pH value
    • Easily clean medium soil
    • Good for dishwashing and pot & pan cleaning


    Packing : 5 liters