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    Termite Monitoring Station

    RM 725.00

    Termite Monitoring Station – 25 pcs / box.

    24-7 365 days termite monitoring station. Just install the tube at termite entry point & will guard your asset against termite attack


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    Timber star

    RM 56.50

    Specialty restorer made of linseed oil that nourish and polish timber floor surface to natural sheen.

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    Tolepoxy Grout Repair Kit

    RM 190.00

    Easy and Effective Grout Repair: Our Tolepoxy Grouting repair kit is designed to make grout repairs a breeze. With simple step-by-step instructions, you can easily fix cracks, chips, or missing grout in your tiles, restoring their original beauty in no time. Stain Resistant Formula: Our grouting repair kit features a specially formulated epoxy solution that…

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    RM 380.00

    Faster and more efficient polishing: Tripad offers a significant advantage over traditional diamond pads, as it can grind and polish your marble floor four times faster. Its innovative design ensures a quicker and more efficient polishing process, saving you valuable time and effort. High-quality results without the need for diamond pads: With Tripad, you no…

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    TSR – Tile Stain Release

    RM 1,100.00

    Powerful Stain Removal: Our Tile Stain Release paste is specially formulated to effectively remove tough and stubborn stains on ceramic homogenous tiles and porcelain tiles. With its unique blend of active enzyme acids and abrasive ingredients, it penetrates deep into the surface to lift and dissolve even the most stubborn stains, leaving your tiles looking…

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    RM 54.50

    Vanguard is a special 3-in-1 detergent, deodorizer & quatenary sanitizer formulated for 2 step cleaning.

    Packing : 5 liters


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    Virus Keeper – Turn your air conditioner to air purifier and keep your loved one safe

    RM 66.00

    The IAQ Virus Keeper filter is made in South Korea using Nano-Silver technology, which has been proven through independent testing in the USA, Japan & Korea to stop fine dust particulate matter (PM 2.5) & removal of toxic carcinogenic gases, smoke, bacteria, virus & mold spores. With the IAQ Virus Keeper filter, there is no…

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    Washable Launder Mats for trapping dust & soil

    RM 29.00RM 77.00

    Personalized, custom manufactured launder mats from Kleentex Japan provide an attractive first impression that lasts.  Any walkway through which people enter a doorway can be enhanced and brightened by Kleentex launder mat. It is ideal for business settings and residences alike – pet shop, clinics, hospitals, clubs, golf courses, restaurants, lounges, and office buildings.

    Launder Mats advantages :

    • Customization with minimum cost
    • Super comfortable
    • Made from nylon ensure color stability
    • Washable with laundry machine
    • Durable
    • Available in many sizes


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    Wypall Essential Task Wipers

    RM 218.00

    WypAll® Essential Task Wipers is the 1st Wiper in ASEAN with HACCP International FZP Certification1 – which means the item is suitable for use in the food zone and short term food contact. Use with our HACCP International certified SSZ dispenser as a bundle solution with Food Safety in mind. The dispenser will protect the…

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    Wypall Wet Task

    RM 135.00

    Wet Task by Kimberly Clark Professional The compact, convenient, wet wiping system that’s safe, simple and reliable KIMTECH* Wipers for the WETTASK* System are specifically designed for surface cleaning and preparation, where maintaining the integrity of your chemical solution, controlling costs, and improving workplace safety are paramount. An innovative solution for customers who want to…

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    Wypall X80 Plus Quarterfold Color Coded Wipers

    RM 302.00

    Wypall X80 Color code wipers extended uses Wypall X80 plus color coded wipers are ultra-absorbent, tear-resistant and hard wearing, so they last longer and you can rinse-out and re-use. The sheet-by-sheet dispensing control usage. The superior wiping performance with special patented Powerpocket and 100% usage of each wiper offers you greater value through lower cost-in-use. Wypall X80 plus color coded…

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    Zensan Ozonizer

    RM 1,850.00

    Brand Name: Zensan Ozonizer Volume: 50m³/h Origin: DM(Origin) Power (W): 100W Voltage (V): 220V Certification: SAWS Capacity (CFM): 60g/h generator Air Purifier Application area: 31-40㎡ Installation: Portable Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 99.00% type Ozone Generator Power Source: A.C. Source Benzene with removal Rate: 98% Other Noise generated: ≤30dB Density: 1000000pcs/m³ Function: Sterilize Wind Speed Standard Oxygen…

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