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  • Anti Bac Handsoap

    RM 55.00

    Antibac Handsoap are formulated with Trichlosan for effective germ & fungi killing power especially recommended for food handlers.

    Packing : 5 liters


  • Anti Bac Handsoap – 5 liters

    RM 53.50

    Environmental friendly Duochlosan formulation antiseptic hand soap lotion for effective elimination of harmful germs during hand washing.

    Packing: 5 liters

  • Aqua Matte

    RM 365.00

    Long-lasting protection: Our matte finish floor sealer forms a durable barrier on your floors, shielding them from scratches, stains, and everyday wear and tear. With our product, you can enjoy beautiful and well-maintained floors for years to come. Enhanced shine: Get that desirable low-gloss finish with our matte floor sealer. It not only protects your…

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  • Aquarius JRT Dispenser

    RM 44.00

    JRT dispenser with smoke transparent lockable keys to prevent pilferage and waterproof to prevent excessive moisture contaminate the tissue.

    Packing : 1 unit


  • Aquarius Multifold Towel Dispenser

    RM 53.00

    Interfold dispenser with lock to prevent pilferage and contamination with fluid or dust from a protective barrier.

    Packing : 1 unit


  • BR Protect

    RM 1,485.00


    BR PROTECT 100 Days
    Packing : 5 liters




  • BR Protect 500 ml spray bottle

    RM 149.00

    BR Protect destroy dangerous germs including Covid 19 and form a protective barrier against germs for 100 days keeping you safe.

  • Cat repellant

    RM 37.50

    Cat repellant 500 ml.Natural ingredients formulation act as natural repellant to feline.

  • Cedar Lavendar

    RM 90.00

    Relaxing perfume with Lavendar & Cedar wood. Suitable for Spa & beauty salon.

    Packing:100 ml

  • Chlorine / Quatenary Test Strips

    RM 120.00RM 180.00

    Meridian have both chlorine and Quaternary test strips available for food processing company to check and verify the sanitizing solution ppm for effective sanitation practices and Food Safety HACCP compliance.

    Packing : 1 x 100 strips


  • Citronella

    RM 116.00

    Citronella note used to dispel flying insects.

    Packing: 100 ml

  • Clean Advance (SF)

    RM 91.00

    Clean Advance (SF) formulated with defoamer & water conditioner enable superior cleaning results from Automated Dishwasher Machine. Special formulation ensure that you never have to de-lime your dishwasher machine ever again to minimize downtime and machine wear and tear

    Packing : 5 liters


  • Cockroach Bait

    RM 26.50

    Green3pro Baiting system to reduces cockroaches problem.

    3 bait per pack

  • Crystal Glue

    RM 1,180.00

    Seamless Stone Repair: Crystal Glue epoxy resin combination is specifically designed to seamlessly penetrate stones’ surface cracks and chips, effectively patching them up for a flawless finish. Say goodbye to unsightly imperfections on your precious stones! Crystal Glue has 4 effect on stone surface : Fill holes and repair cracks Strong penetration plus permanent adhesion…

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  • Deb Azure Foam Soap

    RM 33.00

    Mild and gentle foam hand wash, perfumed with the fragrance of crisp fruit. Features and Benefits: -Proven to remove 99% of dirt and germs, it’s dermatologically tested and suitable for all ages -With ECARF certification it is suitable for sensitive skin and contains added skin conditioners to improve skin hydration -Biodegradable formulation and EU Ecolabel…

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  • Deb Azure Foam Soap

    RM 40.00

    Perfume scented luxury foam soap yet economical to use.

    Packing: 1 liter