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    RM 110.00

    Exotic blend of citrus, flowery ylang ylang and teak oil wood fragrances ideal for reception and living room area.

    Packing:1 bottle / 100 ml

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    DW Dry

    RM 101.50

    DW Dry is a rinse additive effectively neutralize pH on the eating utensils during washing cycle inside the dishwasher machine & quickly dries wares without need of wiping down with cloths.

    Packing : 5 liters


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    DW Dry – 5 liters

    RM 111.50

    Mild acid based water wetting agent to dry tableware without the need of wiping.

    Packing: 5 liters

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    Easy Scrub 5 liters

    RM 69.50

    Gentle abrasive detergent clean and remove tough stain without damaging surface.

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    Easy Scrub Express Bottle

    RM 95.50


    3M Easy Scrub replacement bottles to be used for different solutions like water for rinsing, detergent and sanitizer.

    Packing : 12 bottles x 1 bag


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    Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop

    RM 455.00

    3M Easy Scrub Express 3M™ Easy Scrub Express Starter Kit, a lightweight wet-mop system, cleans hard floors fast and efficiently. Interchangeable bottles allow quick switches from cleaner to disinfectant. The operator-controlled power-grip dispenser ensures precise dispensing of solutions, reducing chemical waste by up to 80%. The aluminum handle adjusts to the operator’s height for comfort,…

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    Easy Scrub Express Microfiber Cloth

    RM 380.00

    Product features Flat mop tool used for fast, efficient and lightweight cleaning. For use with 3M Easy scrub express flat mops Clean and scrub up to three times faster than other flat mops, with drag time up to 10 times less Spread the love

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    EC Bedrock

    RM 544.50

    EC Bedrock is an anti slip solution once applied on the ceramic tiles, it will improve dexterity. Great for elderly and childcare.

    • Last 12 months
    • Easy to clean
    • Economical dilution rate 1: 30 parts of water
    • Easy to apply with paint roller

    Packing: US 1 Gallon

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    EC Bedrock US 1 gallon

    RM 584.50

    Anti slip resistant solution for tiles and granite. Apply once-to-last-per-year.

    Packing: US 1 gallon

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    EC Breakdown

    RM 240.00

    EC Breakdown is a odor counteractant that will not only remove malodor, it will sanitse the surface as well by destroying the source of the malodor. Citronella plus lemongrass natural fragrance Natural active ingredient sanitizer Mildly fragrance Packing : US 1 Gallon EC Breakdown Odor Remover Spread the love

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    EC Carpet Extraction – US 1 Gallon

    RM 304.00

    Carpet shampoo detergent to clean soiled carpet.

    Packing: US 1 Gallon

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    EC Carpet Protectant

    RM 594.50


    After carpet shampooing, we suggest that applying EC Carpet Protectant on to the carpet surface to prevent stain from penetrating on to the carpet fiber

    • Works on both natural and synthetic fibers like wool to nylon
    • Durable protection last until the next carpet shampoo
    • Great for banquet , restaurant and convention hall
    Packing : US 1 Gallon
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    EC Clean

    RM 108.00

    EC Clean is a neutral pH stone soap with optical brightener to gently clean sensitive marble floors & shine the natural stone

    • Neutral pH , no solvent, no yellowing
    • Mildly scented perfume
    • Contained optical brightener to re-gloss marble floor
    • Effectively clean general stains
    Packing : US 1 Gallon


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    EC Crystal Shake

    RM 56.50

    Quick re-polishing compound to bring back gloss on marble and can be used as a spray buff solution.

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    EC Diamond Pads – 1 piece

    RM 80.00

    Diamond pads for grinding and honing stone flooring. Diamond pad grit 150, 300, 500, 1000, 2000 & 3000.

    Packing: 1 piece

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    EC Granite Polishing Powder 5 kg

    RM 2,290.00

    EC granite polishing powderGranite Polishing Powder comes in 3 different colors that is neutral, st and B100 to polish; restore the rich color of the granite tiles

    • Brings back to beauty of granite color
    • Natural polishing process, no coating and more durable sheen
    • Quick polishing process of 2 minute per sq ft improve employee productivity

    Granite Polishing Powder quantity