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  • Kimberly Clark Sensor HRT Dispenser

    RM 450.00

    Kimberly Clark Sensor HRT Dispenser Maintaining personal hygiene has become top priorities in every workplace since the pandemic began. As a result, the demand for our hand hygiene products – particularly touchless dispensers – has increased dramatically. As such, we are launching a new Electronic Hard Roll Towel Dispensing System. Key benefits of the new…

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  • Kleen Sanitized Footbath

    RM 830.00

    Kleen Sanitize Footbath Mat Floor mat that are suitable to use in replacement of foot bath reservoir at food processing plant or general sanitation uses before any person would enter the premise. Packing : 1 piece / 80 cm x 50 cm Kleen-Sanitize (EN) 2020 new version   Spread the love

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  • Kleenguard A35 Personal Protective Cover

    RM 110.00

    Kleenguard A35 Personal safety and protection have become top priorities in every workplace since the pandemic began. As a result, the demand for our apparel products has increased dramatically. As such, we are launching a new apparel to help fill the economical range gap.   Key benefits of the new KleenGuard™A35 Apparel: KleenGuard™ brand A35…

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  • Kleenguard Artic Blue Nitrile Gloves

    RM 70.00

    Our new KLEENGUARD* G10 Arctic Blue Nitrile gloves are more comfortable and economical than standard nitrile gloves, yet retain the protective properties required for excellent performance across a wide range of industrial applications. They are the ideal replacement for latex gloves, providing the protection of nitrile at an everyday price.


  • Kleenguard G10 Nitrile Gloves

    RM 70.00


    Colors available : White or Blue


  • Krystal Kleer

    RM 1,500.00

    Restores and Revives Dull Marble Surfaces: Krystal Kleer marble polishing compound is specially formulated to remove mild scratches, stains, and water spots from marble surfaces without the need of specialty diamond pads, restoring their original shine and beauty. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless marble and hello to a pristine finish that will impress guests. Easy-to-Use…

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  • L10 Roll Control Towel

    RM 185.00

    Packing: 6 Roll Spread the love

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  • L30 Brag Box

    RM 131.00

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  • Laser Lemon

    RM 75.00

    Intense strong fragrance that eliminate malodor. Ideal for Garbage rooms and washroom.

    Packing:1 bottle / 100 ml

  • Lasting Impression

    RM 1,500.00

    Superior Shine: Our Lasting Impression Daily Buffing Solution is specially formulated to restore the natural shine of marble, granite, and tiles. It effortlessly removes traffic film and light stains, leaving your surfaces looking glossy and brand new. Lasting Impression is unique as it can be use as buffing solution for Marble, Granite and Porcelain Ceramic…

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  • Lemongrass

    RM 80.00

    Aromatherapy spa like fragrance consists of freshly cut lemongrass & ginger.

    Packing: 100 ml

  • Marble Cream – Bianco and Nero

    RM 198.00

    Enhance the natural beauty of your marble surfaces: Our marble cream is specially formulated to gently polish and restore the lustrous shine of your marble table tops and walls, bringing out their true color and veining patterns. Long-lasting protection against stains and scratches: With our marble cream, you not only achieve a flawless polished finish…

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  • Marble Lite

    RM 523.50


  • Meridian Microfiber Cloths

    RM 60.00

    Meridian microfiber color coded cloth effectively cleans and absorb liquid from surface and great to be use for Housekeeping, Car Wash and F&B environment What is Microfiber Cloth & How to Use It What is microfiber? People often wonder: What is a microfiber cleaning cloth? Microfiber is defined as a fiber that is 1 denier or less. What…

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  • Millennium Tango

    RM 108.00

    Lively fragrance of praline, berry and cinnamon gives the surrounding area a very awakening sensation. Ideal for social event like club.

    Packing: 1 bottle / 100 ml

  • Mocha Creama

    RM 70.00

    Strong awakening fragrance of dark chocolate with mild after note of latte.

    Packing:1 bottle / 100 ml