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    Quat Sanitizer

    RM 81.50
    •   Food grade bactericide
    •   Use as a fungicidal / algacidal wash base
    • Superior fungi
    • Sanitary solution for cleaning food installations
    • Broad spectrum biocidal activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative organism


    • Apply on the surface and wipe with a clean cloth.
    • Recommended range of solution : 200ppm for non rinse  – 800ppm for foot bath.


    Packing : 5 liters


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    Quat Sanitizer RTU – 5 liters

    RM 65.00

    Ammonium quatenary sanitizer eliminate harmful pathogens and with anti microbial coating.

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    Rayden Microfiber Cloths

    RM 120.00

    Rayden microfiber color coded cloth effectively cleans and absorb liquid from surface and great to be use for Housekeeping, Car Wash and F&B environment What is Microfiber Cloth & How to Use It What is microfiber? People often wonder: What is a microfiber cleaning cloth? Microfiber is defined as a fiber that is 1 denier or less. What…

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    Refresh Hair & Body Shampoo

    RM 40.00

    Refresh Luxury Hair & Body Shampoo For people who want a refreshing shower experience and the 3-in-1 benefit for a shower, shampoo and conditioner, all in one. This formula provides 24 hour freshness with designer perfume scent Ideal for hotels, resorts, gymnasium and clubs 3-in-1 formulation eliminate the need for different consumables inventories Cartridge packaging…

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    RM 436.00
    Packing : 300 tablets per tub


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    Scale Off

    RM 54.50

    Scale Off is a lime scale remover especially made for cleaning lime scale ( Calcium & Magnesium) deposit on heating element on kitchen equipment. After scale are removes, kitchen heating element will work to its optimum level.

    Packing : 5 liters


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    Scott Alcohol Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    RM 265.00

    Scott®Essential provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. The Scott®Essential Skin Care Dispenser System is designed to take hand hygiene to the next level. You can count on its reliable, touchless operation to help reduce cross-contamination and the spread of germs, because users don’t have to touch the dispenser to get their soap or…

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    Scott Center Pull Bathroom Tissue

    RM 55.00

    Maintaining personal hygiene has become top priorities in every workplace since the pandemic began. As a result, the demand for our hygiene solutions has increased dramatically. As such, we are launching a first of its kind – new bath tissue system. Key benefits of the new Scott® Control Center Pull Bath Tissue System: Fully enclosed…

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    Scott Essential M-Fold Hand Towel

    RM 34.00

    Scott M Fold with Airflex technology are softer, more absorbent and stronger than conventional towels, providing consistent quality at an affordable price. The clever interfolded design helps to prevent towels from ripping when being pulled from the dispenser and ensures only single towels are dispensed each time, reducing mess and wastage. Ideal for busy areas, such as food preparation areas and washrooms, the unique Airflex* technology ensures that each 1 ply hand towel is absorbent and strong, even when wet, preventing them from becoming soggy or ripping.

    Packing : 4 pack x 250 sheets ( 1000 sheets )


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    Scott Foam Soap

    RM 65.00

    Dermatological approved rich lather foam soap for efficient cleaning while saving water.

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    Scott Foam Type Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

    RM 170.00

    Scott Foam Type Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Scott® Instant Hand Sanitiser effectively cleans and cares for skin. Manufactured with 70% alcohol, this luxurious sanitiser instantly reduces bacteria, viruses and prevents spreading through the workplace. Killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi plus it is suitable for use in facilities where hygiene is at the upmost importance. Highly economical usage of 1…

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    Scott Hygienic Bathroom Tissue (HBT) 1 ply

    RM 65.00


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    Scott Hygienic Bathroom Tissue (HBT) 2ply

    RM 91.00

    SCOTT® Hygienic Bathroom Tissue System delivers bath tissue in an interleaved cut sheet 2 ply format. The individual sheet dispensing controls usage and reduces the risk of cross contamination as the users only need to touch the paper they use. There is also not stub roll waste associated with this intelligent system. It comes with a…

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    Scott Hygienic Bathroom Tissue (HBT)Dispenser

    RM 55.00

    Scott HBT Aquaris dispenser with color coded ring for easy identification and profiling. Cover with ABS plastic body to repel water and built in key for protection

    Packing : 1 unit


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    Scott Jumbo Roll Tissue 200meter

    RM 163.00

    Scott Jumbo Roll Tissue 2 ply 200 meter for superior comfort & compliance. Made of 100% virgin fibers from FSC source and environmental friendly.

    COLOUR : Off White

    Quantity per Pack :   16 rolls x 200m


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    Scott Jumbo Roll Tissue 400 meter

    RM 193.00

    Scott Jumbo Roll Single Ply 400 meter is the preferred choice for comfort & value uses. Virgin pulp fibers are dermatological tested hygiene tissue for greater compliance.


    COLOUR : Off White

    The preferred alternative for quality and value.

    Package Dimensions:
    Quantity per Pack :   400m
    Quantity per Case :   16 rolls