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    Mocha Creama

    RM 70.00

    Strong awakening fragrance of dark chocolate with mild after note of latte.

    Packing:1 bottle / 100 ml

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    Piezo Perfume Dispenser

    RM 500.00

    Monthly replacement of perfume for company branding, improve IAQ & relief stress. 1 unit cover 1500 sq ft.

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    Piezo Petite Dispenser

    RM 160.00

    Piezo Petite unit producing fragrance mist with proprietary Bactiff, Reactiff and Deodiff tech eliminate germs, improve focus, reduces stress and remove malodor. Piezo petite dispensers comes with delay interval setting and duration timer with usb type c charging port. Fully charged will be able to supply 12 hours of continuous streaming. Piezo Petit Catalog Spread…

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    Refresh Hair & Body Shampoo

    RM 40.00

    Refresh Luxury Hair & Body Shampoo For people who want a refreshing shower experience and the 3-in-1 benefit for a shower, shampoo and conditioner, all in one. This formula provides 24 hour freshness with designer perfume scent Ideal for hotels, resorts, gymnasium and clubs 3-in-1 formulation eliminate the need for different consumables inventories Cartridge packaging…

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