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  • All Clean

    RM 25.00

    All clean is a user friendly multi purpose detergent with pH 8 for general cleaning uses

    • Friendly to skin as low pH value
    • Easily clean medium soil
    • Good for dishwashing and pot & pan cleaning


    Packing : 5 liters


  • Anti Bac Handsoap

    RM 55.00

    Antibac Handsoap are formulated with Trichlosan for effective germ & fungi killing power especially recommended for food handlers.

    Packing : 5 liters


  • BR Protect

    RM 1,485.00


    BR PROTECT 100 Days
    Packing : 5 liters




  • Chlorine / Quatenary Test Strips

    RM 120.00RM 180.00

    Meridian have both chlorine and Quaternary test strips available for food processing company to check and verify the sanitizing solution ppm for effective sanitation practices and Food Safety HACCP compliance.

    Packing : 1 x 100 strips


  • Clean Advance (SF)

    RM 91.00

    Clean Advance (SF) formulated with defoamer & water conditioner enable superior cleaning results from Automated Dishwasher Machine. Special formulation ensure that you never have to de-lime your dishwasher machine ever again to minimize downtime and machine wear and tear

    Packing : 5 liters


  • Drain Enzyme

    RM 197.00

    Drain Enzyme is a biological enzyme digest FOG ( Fats, Oil & Grease) from drain pipe to grease trap. Automated timer dispense at optimum time for best results.

    Packing : 5 liters


  • DW Dry

    RM 101.50

    DW Dry is a rinse additive effectively neutralize pH on the eating utensils during washing cycle inside the dishwasher machine & quickly dries wares without need of wiping down with cloths.

    Packing : 5 liters


  • Foam Soap

    RM 48.50

    Foam hand soap is a luxurious way to wash your hands.  It washes and rinse quickly hence safe water & cut off waiting time at the wash basin. It takes less than 10 seconds to wash your hands. So if you’re looking for easy ways to save time & money, this is something you should try. Check it out.

    • Saves water
    • Rich lather
    • Need to use Foam Soap Dispenser to dispenses the foam soap
    • Designer perfume
    Packing : 5 liters


  • Foam Soap Dispenser ( Vida Range)

    RM 90.00

    Vida Foam Soap Dispenser initiate one chamber holds soap and one pumps air into the dispensing unit when the pump is depressed. Pressurized dispensers are automatic and activated by pressing hands directly on the lever. When the pump operates, the pressurized soap is released from its container in a measured amount consistently so that use cost is 10 times lower than regular lotion soap.

    Packing : 1 unit


  • Glass Cleaner

    RM 42.50

    Glass Cleaner are special formulation detergent to wipe down glass and window for quick drying streak free cleaning. Best to use with Lamb wool and rubber squeegee.

    Packing : 5 liter


  • Hand Sanitizer

    RM 165.00

    Hand Sanitizer is Jakim Halal certified gel based for effective hand sanitizing & great for food handlers and healthcare practitioners.

    Packing : 5 liter


  • Hand Sanitizer- 1 liter with fun pump

    RM 25.00

    Jakim halal certified gel hand sanitizer for effective eliminate germs

  • Neutral Cleaner

    RM 48.00

    pH neutral soft detergent to wash delicate surfaces without harmful alkaline.Neutral-based multi-purpose cleaner.



  • ORC

    RM 57.50

    ORC is a heavy duty degreaser with pine fragrance especially effective in remove heavy grease floor and equipment. ORC is formulated to remove both organic and inorganic grease with emulsification and saponification effect and leave the surface clean and pleasant.

    Packing : 5 liters


  • Oven Cleaner

    RM 65.50

    Oven Cleaner is an effective carbon stains remover formulated to work well on hotplate, griddle, oven & charbroiled grill. For best results, apply and scrub with 3M Pad 86 & finally rinse with water.

    Packing : 5 liters 


  • Pandango – 5 liters

    RM 36.00

    Super concentrate Multi Purpose Detergent for effective cleaning and cost saving