• Instant polishing cream for superb results & durability


Meridian Floor Care System

Irregardless of trouble shooting stained problem, complete restoration, interim restoration and daily cleaning solutions. We have all that covered with our comprehensive program that solves many issues with different clientele

Dishwasher Machine Rental Program

Meridian Dishwasher Program allow you to focus on your business while we take care of your back of the house cleaning and sanitation needs. We have a full fledged cleaning & sanitation products that are certified by Jakim Halal, GMP and ISO 9005 for your peace of mind

3 M Office Building and Food Service 

We are appointed distributor for 3M Office Building & Food Service products. Office Building covers floor pads, chemicals, safety walk tapes, floor mats and protective film whereas Food Service comprises of hand pads, oil monitoring strips and microfiber cloths

Kimberly Clark Professional

Kimberly Clark is a US Fortune 500 multiple international accreditation tissue, wipers and PPE company and Meridian proudly introduce the system solutions that KCP offered to maximize your business productivity and enhance workplace

SC Johnson DEB

MAKE HANDS MATTER IN THE WORKPLACE - Deb is a world leader in occupational skin care and hand hygiene. We have been providing dedicated skin care solutions. Deb hygiene and skin care systems for the industrial, commercial, healthcare and food markets.

Evacare Protexus Sprayer

Safer Chemicals. Advanced Technologies. EvaClean's NaDCC chemistry and end-to-end system you can:

✓ IMPROVE compliance standards
✓ ELIMINATE human error
✓ SIMPLIFY with safer technology and chemicals
✓ REDUCE outbreaks and HAI's

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