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    Marble Lite

    RM 523.50


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    Nano Polishing compound

    RM 2,117.50

    Nano Polishing compound is a versatile polishing gel that form a durable coating on the granite, marble & porcelain tiles surface during polishing process.

    Works well with scrubber machine of 175 rpm means less equipment investment
    (1) Durable coating makes for easy maintenance
    (2) Gel form less messy and no need wet vacuum
    (3) Easy to train new recruits on Nano Polishing Program as no mixing are needed


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    Neutral Cleaner

    RM 48.00

    pH neutral soft detergent to wash delicate surfaces without harmful alkaline.Neutral-based multi-purpose cleaner.



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    Spring Cleaner

    RM 198.00

    EC Spring is accredited Green Label certified environmental cleaning detergent Natural based soap formulation Biodegradable proven & tested Non harmful to mother’s nature & aquatic life Great for Green Building Index compliance Spread the love

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    Stain Remover

    RM 275.00

    Stain remover to removes various type of stains that are embedded into stone structure. Effectively remove stains without affecting the stone finishing. 3 type of stain remover available Rust stains General stains like shellac, turpentine, tannin Oil stain stains Packing : 5 liter + 500 gram of powder Spread the love

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    Timber star

    RM 56.50

    Specialty restorer made of linseed oil that nourish and polish timber floor surface to natural sheen.