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  • Scott Hygienic Bathroom Tissue (HBT) 1 ply

    RM 65.00


  • Scott Hygienic Bathroom Tissue (HBT) 2ply

    RM 91.00

    SCOTT® Hygienic Bathroom Tissue System delivers bath tissue in an interleaved cut sheet 2 ply format. The individual sheet dispensing controls usage and reduces the risk of cross contamination as the users only need to touch the paper they use. There is also not stub roll waste associated with this intelligent system. It comes with a…

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  • Scott Hygienic Bathroom Tissue (HBT)Dispenser

    RM 55.00

    Scott HBT Aquaris dispenser with color coded ring for easy identification and profiling. Cover with ABS plastic body to repel water and built in key for protection

    Packing : 1 unit


  • Scott Jumbo Roll Tissue 200meter

    RM 163.00

    Scott Jumbo Roll Tissue 2 ply 200 meter for superior comfort & compliance. Made of 100% virgin fibers from FSC source and environmental friendly.

    COLOUR : Off White

    Quantity per Pack :   16 rolls x 200m


  • Scott Jumbo Roll Tissue 400 meter

    RM 193.00

    Scott Jumbo Roll Single Ply 400 meter is the preferred choice for comfort & value uses. Virgin pulp fibers are dermatological tested hygiene tissue for greater compliance.


    COLOUR : Off White

    The preferred alternative for quality and value.

    Package Dimensions:
    Quantity per Pack :   400m
    Quantity per Case :   16 rolls 


  • Scott Pop Up Napkin

    RM 125.00




    Manufactured to the highest level of serviceability and absorbency, SCOTT ® napkins meet stringent industry-recognised HACCP standards acknowledging their high quality and giving you the assurance of optimum hygiene and food safety.

    Package Dimensions

    Quantity per Pack :   8

    Quantity per Case :   6

    acknowledging their high quality and giving you the assurance of optimum hygiene and food safety.

    Package Dimensions   
    Quantity per Bag :   8 packs x 360 sheets


  • Scott Pop Up Napkin dispenser

    RM 15.00

    Pop Up Napkin dispenser by Kimberly Clark to dispense pop up napkin in hygienic method. Pop Up Napkin dispenser protect napkin from being soiled by water and food debris controlling wastages and contamination. Ideal for restaurants.

    Packing : 1 unit


  • Scott Slimroll HRT

    RM 182.00

    The unique design of SLIMROLL* provides a high capacity solution in a compact roll for less maintenance time, run-outs and complaints. Manufactured using AIRFLEX® Technology, the soft textile-like feel & appearance offers superior absorbency and strength, meaning fewer towels are needed to dry hands without breaking up when wet.  Ideal for: busy washrooms and hygiene…

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  • Scott Slimroll HRT Mini Sensor dispenser

    RM 480.00

    Recent research has state that Sensor Dispenser cuts wastage of paper towel by 37% in Surope. Mini Sensor is operated by infra red sensing hence it is accurate and trouble-free and pass the initiative to save mother’s earth to you. There are option available for direct AC current electricity supply or batteries powered. The choice is yours.


  • Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser

    RM 210.00

    Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser activated by infra red dispense accurate and controlled foam to your hands every time reducing possible cross contamination and wastage. Great for healthcare and food processing industry. Batteries operated with suggested alkaline batteries last 6 months based on 200 pumps per day.

    Packing : 1 unit / 1000 ml refillable bottle


  • Wypall Essential Task Wipers

    RM 218.00

    WypAll® Essential Task Wipers is the 1st Wiper in ASEAN with HACCP International FZP Certification1 – which means the item is suitable for use in the food zone and short term food contact. Use with our HACCP International certified SSZ dispenser as a bundle solution with Food Safety in mind. The dispenser will protect the…

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  • Wypall Wet Task

    RM 105.00

    Wet Task by Kimberly Clark Professional The compact, convenient, wet wiping system that’s safe, simple and reliable KIMTECH* Wipers for the WETTASK* System are specifically designed for surface cleaning and preparation, where maintaining the integrity of your chemical solution, controlling costs, and improving workplace safety are paramount. An innovative solution for customers who want to…

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  • Wypall X80 Plus Quarterfold Color Coded Wipers

    RM 302.00

    Wypall X80 Color code wipers extended uses Wypall X80 plus color coded wipers are ultra-absorbent, tear-resistant and hard wearing, so they last longer and you can rinse-out and re-use. The sheet-by-sheet dispensing control usage. The superior wiping performance with special patented Powerpocket and 100% usage of each wiper offers you greater value through lower cost-in-use. Wypall X80 plus color coded…

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