KC Interfold


Scott M Fold with Airflex technology are softer, more absorbent and stronger than conventional towels, providing consistent quality at an affordable price. The clever interfolded design helps to prevent towels from ripping when being pulled from the dispenser and ensures only single towels are dispensed each time, reducing mess and wastage. Ideal for busy areas, such as food preparation areas and washrooms, the unique Airflex* technology ensures that each 1 ply hand towel is absorbent and strong, even when wet, preventing them from becoming soggy or ripping.

Packing : 4 pack x 250 sheets ( 1000 sheets )

Order now and get a free dispenser that can be wall mounted or stick on glass or window at Absolutely No Cost to You. Limited stocks available


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Scott M Fold

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Dimensions 24 × 23 cm


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