Anti Bac Handsoap

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RM 55.00

Antibac Handsoap are formulated with Trichlosan for effective germ & fungi killing power especially recommended for food handlers.

Packing : 5 liters


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  • Mild antiseptic
  • Anti-irritant (suitable for sensitive skins)
  • Long lasting active antimicrobial hand soap
  • Food grade dye
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Long lasting antimicrobial activities against gram-pos+ and gram-neg- bacteria as well as mold and yeast
  • Hygiene

Designed for hand washing and cleaning in food preparation, hospital and where hygiene is the most concerned.

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7 reviews for Anti Bac Handsoap

  1. nahar

    I bought it few days ago. It was the best antibac handsoap product buying I have had.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much.

  2. Mr. Arjun

    Very good product

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much.

  3. Mr.Edris

    Very good product for hand washing.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much for your valuable comment.

  4. shila

    Good product.

    • billyyee

      Thank you

  5. Nabil

    Good for handwashing.

    • billyyee

      Thank you so much for using our product.

  6. Maxwel

    I like this handwasher. It’s really good product.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much for your valuable comment.

  7. Daniel

    Very good hand washer. Want to buy again.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much for choosing our product.

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