Soak It

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Soak it is an effective oxygen bleach blended with surfactants for fast tannin stain removal from coffee & tea cups. Aside from that Soak It also blended with blue surfactant to give the wares more cleaning power. Best use with hot water & immerse for 10 minutes.

Packing : 6 kg


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–  Superior bleaching properties

  • Soil and stain remover food service establishments
  • Safe to use on kitchen wares in the food service operations


  • Food safe
  • Cost saving with effective results


  • Rinse off the soil then immerse the utensils in the solution at 10-50g per litre of hot water for 15-30mins
  •  Soak the utensils overnight to remove stubborn stains


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6 reviews for Soak It

  1. Nahar

    Good Product

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much.

  2. Shila

    Very good product.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much..

  3. Sudip

    Good product

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much.

  4. Mark

    Best product for satin removing specially for tea and coffee cups. Recommended seller.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much for using our product.

  5. Amy

    Good product and work very well.

    • billyyee

      Thank you very much.

  6. Azin

    Good and very effective product.

    • billyyee

      Thank you.

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