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Faster and more efficient polishing: Tripad offers a significant advantage over traditional diamond pads, as it can grind and polish your marble floor four times faster. Its innovative design ensures a quicker and more efficient polishing process, saving you valuable time and effort.

High-quality results without the need for diamond pads: With Tripad, you no longer require expensive diamond pads to achieve professional-grade results on your marble floor. This cost-effective alternative not only saves you money but also guarantees exceptional polishing outcomes.

User-friendly and hassle-free operation: Designed with ease of use in mind, Tripad makes the polishing process effortless and accessible for all users. Its intuitive design allows even beginners to achieve flawless results without any prior experience or extensive training.

Versatile application on various surfaces: Apart from marble floors, Tripad can also be used on other surfaces such as granite, concrete, or terrazzo. This versatility makes it a versatile tool for different flooring projects, ensuring consistent and remarkable results every time.

Durable and long-lasting performance: Crafted from high-quality materials, Tripad is built to withstand heavy-duty usage without compromising its performance or longevity. Its durability ensures that you can rely on this floor pad for years to come, making it a reliable investment for both homeowners and professional contractors alike.


Packing : 1 piece Red & 1 piece Blue / 17 inch

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