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  • EC Tile & Grout 5 kg

    RM 1,320.00

    Abrasive diamond scrubbing compound for ceramic homogenous tile floor.

    Packing : 5kg

  • Efflorescence Neutralizer

    RM 530.00

    Effective and Effortless Cleaning: Our marble efflorescence removal solution is specially formulated to efficiently eliminate stubborn white salt deposits on your marble surfaces. Simply apply the product, let it soak in for a 5 minutes of chemical contact time, and wipe away those unsightly stains effortlessly. Restores Natural Beauty: Say goodbye to dull and discolored…

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  • Fly repellant

    RM 37.50

    Fly repellant 500ml.Natural herb extract repel flies.


  • Foam Soap

    RM 48.50

    Foam hand soap is a luxurious way to wash your hands.  It washes and rinse quickly hence safe water & cut off waiting time at the wash basin. It takes less than 10 seconds to wash your hands. So if you’re looking for easy ways to save time & money, this is something you should try. Check it out.

    • Saves water
    • Rich lather
    • Need to use Foam Soap Dispenser to dispenses the foam soap
    • Designer perfume
    Packing : 5 liters


  • Foam Soap Dispenser ( Vida Range)

    RM 90.00

    Vida Foam Soap Dispenser initiate one chamber holds soap and one pumps air into the dispensing unit when the pump is depressed. Pressurized dispensers are automatic and activated by pressing hands directly on the lever. When the pump operates, the pressurized soap is released from its container in a measured amount consistently so that use cost is 10 times lower than regular lotion soap.

    Packing : 1 unit


  • Glass Cleaner

    RM 42.50

    Glass Cleaner are special formulation detergent to wipe down glass and window for quick drying streak free cleaning. Best to use with Lamb wool and rubber squeegee.

    Packing : 5 liter


  • Granito Shake

    RM 125.00

    Restore and Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Granite: Granito shake spray buff maintenance is specially formulated to effortlessly remove smudges, dirt, and grime from your granite surfaces, leaving them looking shiny and vibrant once again. Protect Your Investment with Professional-Grade Maintenance: This spray buff is designed to protect your expensive granite countertops and surfaces…

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  • Green Drain

    RM 192.00

    Green designed to solve problems of odor, pests and sewage buildup often seen in other commercial and industrial floor drains. Green Drain design is based off of our extremely effective and popular urinal cartridge technology, which has been tweaked to fit a much wider variety of applications. This simple, effective floor drain solution has already…

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  • Green Purity Antibacterial Perfume

    RM 125.00

    Active compound Phytoncides reduces germs in the air improving IAQ and reduces stress for the people in the surrounding area.

    Packing: 1 bottle / 100 ml

  • Hand Sanitizer

    RM 165.00

    Hand Sanitizer is Jakim Halal certified gel based for effective hand sanitizing & great for food handlers and healthcare practitioners.

    Packing : 5 liter


  • Hand Sanitizer- 1 liter with fun pump

    RM 25.00

    Jakim halal certified gel hand sanitizer for effective eliminate germs

  • Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

    RM 160.00

    Powerful Deep Cleaning: Our heavy duty floor cleaner is specially formulated to effectively remove tough dirt, grime, and stains from all types of flooring surfaces, leaving them spotless and revitalized. Versatile Multipurpose Cleaner: This floor cleaner is not only suitable for use on a wide range of flooring materials such as tile, vinyl, and laminate,…

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  • Insects Glue Trap

    RM 33.50

    High quality flies glue board for full line of insect light traps that serve the pest control industry.

  • Jewel heart perfume

    RM 95.00

    Elegant fine perfume consists Ylang Ylang, White tea & oriental oak.

    Packing: 100ml

  • JRT 310 Meters

    RM 146.50

    Packing: 12 rolls x 310 meter

  • Kimberly Clark Personal Seat Covers

    RM 135.00

    A dispenser for individual toilet seat covers to promote hygiene, improve staff and customer comfort and care, and help control costs. Ideal for: Dispensing single-use toilet seat covers, one at a time, in busy washrooms in work areas and public venues; reducing the risk of contamination and the spread of germs; keeping costs down, with…

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